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Our troops look forward to receiving mail from home. Mail in the form of care packages is one of the easiest ways we can show our support. Whether serving overseas where it can be difficult to obtain basic supplies, or stationed stateside where money can be tight, small tokens of appreciation go a long way toward boosting morale. We also make gift bags for our veterans. All of our troops and veterans enjoy letters from home!


If you have items to donate, please contact us for pickup or delivery options. 

Toiletry Items

Individual and travel-size packaged items are best. Also, don't forget that our female troops need personal products and toiletries designed for women. If you travel, please consider donating unused courtesy items provided by your hotel. (No aerosol cans can be accepted.)

Suggested Items:

Tissues                                    Eye Drops                                  Baby Wipes

Sunblock                                 Insect Repellent                        Hand Sanitizer

Q-Tips                                      Deodorant                                 Shampoo

Conditioner                              Lotions                                      Disposable Razors

Shaving Cream                       Toothbrushes                           Toothpaste

Dental Floss                            Lip Balm                                    T-Shirts, Socks    

Gold Bond Foot Powder         Small First Aid Kits                  Boot Liners/Insoles

Hand/Foot Warmers

Snack Items

Especially for troops "in the field" who depend on MREs, snacks from home are a welcome treat! But who doesn't appreciate having snacks available in your own room for between meals or when the chow hall isn't accessible due to your schedule? At Christmas we had fun providing home-made treats. Other times we have accommodated special requests. The following is a list of commonly requested items. Preferred sizes are individual servings. (Please watch food expiration dates; no products containing pork or alcohol are accepted. Also, foods that melt -such as chocolate- can only be sent during cold months and are difficult for us to store.)

Suggested Items:

Power Bars, High Protein Snacks                      Packs of Gum

Beef Jerky (small packages) Slim Jims            Tuna (foil pack or with crackers)

Individual sized cereal boxes                              Sunflower seeds, nuts, trail mix

Instant Oatmeal packets                                      Instant Soup packets

Powdered Drink Mix packets                               Instant Coffee/Tea packets

Instant Cocoa packets                                          Individual Condiment Packages

Hard Candy (individually wrapped)                     Individual Peanut Butters

Cookies                                                                   Rice Krispy Treats

Mints                                                                       PopTarts

Stationery Items

Help our troops stay in touch with family and friends!

Suggested Items:


Pens and Pencils

Pencil Sharpeners and Erasers

Blank Paper

Plain Envelopes

Blank Greeting Cards

Command Strips

Post-It Notes

Paper clips, rubber bands

Entertainment Items

When our troops are away from home, the hours between shifts can be long. A few simple gifts can go a long ways toward easing boredom and homesickness.

Suggested Donations: (No pornography or overtly religious materials accepted.)

DVD Movies, Music CDs (used is okay)

Games (travel size)/Small Toys

Small memo pads

Comic Books, Puzzle Books

Sunday Comics

Recent Magazines

Paperback Books 

Event Supplies

Each Care Packaging event requires volunteers and supplies. Look for our Events on our Facebook page.

Suggested Donations:

Zip-lock type bags (name brand, freezer quality preferred)

Packing Tape (heavy duty)

Plain gift bags (for veterans)

Letters From Home

Our troops and veterans tell us they LOVE receiving letters from kids and groups. We gladly accept cards, letters, and drawings to include in our care packages and gift bags. Letters are screend for appropriate remarks. We also ask that you help children understand privacy concerns: please do not allow them to include their last name or identifying information. If they hope to receive a reply, please include a parent's name or use a school address rather than a home address. Unfortunately, not all troops are able to reply.

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